Nadia Ryzhakova



"I paint how I feel about reality rather than how I see it. I am driven by an experiment with visual form. I provoke accidents to happen in paintings by making splashes of paint or letting paint flow freely on the surface of the canvas. Then out of that abstract, by placing a few details I would guide the viewer’s perception towards the idea that inspired me and let their imagination do the rest."

Nadja is an award-winning full-time artist based in the Cotswolds. Her oil-on-canvas and acrylic paintings are mostly inspired by the outstanding natural beauty of the region.

In 2016, Nadja won the annual John Palmer Painting Competition award and was featured in the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard.

Before moving to the Cotswolds, Nadja used to live in London working predominantly in digital media using iPad as her creative canvas. She conducted a series of Workshops in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum, and was featured in the London Evening Standard and on Sky News.

Nadja has a master’s degree in Monumental Decorative Arts and a master’s degree in Cultural Policy and Management.