Nadia Ryzhakova


Bespoke hand painted chest of drawers

We have had this plain chest of drawers for a year. It looked good in the contemporary white interior of our previous flat. But then we moved into a beautiful country-style house and it looked totally out of style.

So I decided to change it with my oil paint in hands.

I found inspiration in Chinoiserie – artistic style that reflects Chinese artistic influences.

The original drawer hardware was too plain and I decided to change it too. I removed handles before beginning my painting and then replaced them with bolder and more beautiful ones of bronze colour.

I bought bronze oil paint to create a few bronze branches and a strip of the chest top.

The painting covers three sides of the chest and flows from the front to the left and right sides. 

Last touch is the coat of varnish over the dried paint to protect the painting. 

New handles went into places when the varnish had dried.