Nadia Ryzhakova


Giant 3D Snowflake

I live in South West England. Snow it is a luxury here. Last time I saw it very shortly, only once, a year ago. Having been grown up in Russia, snow is one of the things that I miss here. Even though there is probably no snow this Christmas again, I have decided to design White Christmas myself with my little students. Here you are the tutorial on how to make giant 3D snowflakes with very little materials. I make my snowflakes of ordinary A4 white sheets of office paper, but you feel free to experiment with colour and glitter paper. I imagine silver snowflakes would look gorgeous.

Here it is what you need:

 • 6 sheets of A4 office paper 

 • scissors 

 • sticky tape 

 • stapler

Fold each sheet of paper diagonally and cut off the rectangular edge that sticks out. You will end up with a square folded into a triangle. 

Then fold the triangle again in half. 

Now it is where the scissors come to action. Measure trice and cut once. So make sure you cut the right side of the triangle. Find the side of single folded crease and double folded crease. Take about 1 inch from the long side of the triangle and start cutting through the SINGLE FOLDED crease along that side. Cut almost all the way up to the double folded crease, but not quite. Keep about the same distance of 1inch between each cut. I do 5 cuts in total. 

Now unfold the triangle. Roll the first two innermost paper lines together to form a tube. Fix the tube with a small piece of tape. 

Flip the whole thing to the other side. Take the next to paper lines and pull them up on the opposite side of the first tube. Fix them with tape again. Repeat the same action flipping the paper and joining the paper lines together on opposite sides until all of them have been joined together. 

When the piece is ready repeat all the steps with the other 5 sheets of paper. 

After you have prepared all six pieces, staple them all together at the top like in the photos below. 

The snowflake is almost done. Now you just need to staple together every pair of arms and it is ready!