Nadia Ryzhakova


Hand Mirroring Drawing.

I’ve decided to get really challenging and give a very difficult task to my little art students. The task was to draw with both right and left hands simultaneously.

This task is great for exercising both sides of your brain. First I demonstrated this myself on the board in front of my audience. I presented it as my superpower and immediately grabbed their attention.

Then my superpower was magically passed onto my little artists. You can see it for yourself how proficient they have become at drawing with two hands at the same time.


 • Paper 

• Tape. If you need to keep the paper in place tape the corners of the paper onto the table or easel. 

 • 2 markers of different colours. I think different colours make drawings more fun.  


 • Pick subject matter that have simple shape and design and is symmetrical. 

 • We practiced drawing a flower, butterfly and fish. 

 • Start in the middle of the paper and draw out from there.