Nadia Ryzhakova


30WORKS30DAYS Project

Runs through April 2016

I have come across a month long 30WORKS30DAYS project where artists should produce and submit one work every day for the month of April 2016.


This was like a flashback into May 2012 when I came up with a similar project, which was called 31 DIGITS:…/79719914@N…/sets/72157629578277616/ . By then I had just discovered iPad as a creative medium and was amaized by its mobility, accessibility, liberalism and relevance in the Age of Mobile Devices. The aim of the project was to discover its creative abilities, take iPad art more seriously, and to discipline myself. Since then, many good things have happened and a lot have been achieved with an iPad as my creative tool that I could not even dream about in the beginning of my creative journey.

Now, 4 years later, I find myself at the same spot, but at a new level of creative development, which I guess, as many things in life, evolve in spirals. Having overgrown iPad, I am discovering new art mediums. Rich textures and mixed media techniques are my main focus of interest now. Through collective 30WORKS30DAYS project I hope to explore as much in that direction as possible. It feels great that so many people are taking part in this project, which does not limit artists in size or medium of their work. I look forward to the end on the project when I will look back and see how far I have progressed. In my opinion, nothing helps an artist to evolve better and to achieve that mysterious and elusive creature called inspiration than pushing yourself to be disciplined about your work every single day. In this post published selected images in mixed media that I produced in April as part of the project.

DA 10
DAY 11
DAY 12
DAY 18
Day 19
DAY 20
DAY 21

I will be uploading more pictures as I progress.