Nadia Ryzhakova


iPad artist’s tunnel vision of the Tube - Evening Standard

With an iPad as her canvas, artist Nadja Ryzhakova painted these digital pictures of the Tube using an app as her palette and her fingertips as paint-brushes. The works, which she calls iPaintings, show surreal scenes from the Underground. They were created as part of the Londonist Underground series, which is celebrating the network’s 150th anniversary by showing works inspired by it. Ryzhakova interprets the atmosphere of the Tube in one of her paintings, above, as an underwater platform populated by fish using not Oyster cards but actual oysters, with a shrimp wearing a hoodie and a fish holding an umbrella. The former student of Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry said: “From the moment my fingertips hit the screen, my digital creations become quickly absorbed into the expanding realm of social media.”