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    Welcome to my world!

    Thank you for your visiting my website! My name is Nadja Ryzhakova and I am a professional iPad artist. Please take your time to explore my realm of iPaintings, and I hope you enjoy your stay…


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    Nadja Ryzhakova


    NADJA RYZHAKOVA is a young Russian-born London-based iPad artist. She graduated from Stroganov Moscow State Arts and Crafts University in monumental and decorative art production. Despite her traditional arts background and education, Nadja has chosen the iPad as her creative medium, using it instead of canvas and her fingers instead of brushes.

    Nadja defines her artwork as iPainting. The term that is most appropriate to the nature of her work. Nadja’s iPaintings – representative of the traditional art in their style, created using the latest technologies – are truly digital paintings that simultaneously challenge both conventional fine art and digital art.

    As the phenomena of iPainting gets its recognition on the global art scene, Nadja’s artistic skills and experience attract the demand from beginners and professionals wishing to learn new techniques of using iPad as a medium for self-expression. Nadja’s iPainting master classes are now opened to individuals and groups in Central and Greater London areas.

    Nadja’s latest projects include experimental collaborations with musicians and poets on combining different forms of art in order to achieve new multiform creative expressions. Some of the results can be seen by clicking here.

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  • School


    NADJA RYZHAKOVA School of iPainting

    Based on a number of successful Master Classes at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Nadja Ryzhakova has developed her own methodology of teaching the art of painting on an iPad (referred to as ‘iPainting’), which also includes an introduction to the fundamental principles of the traditional art of painting.

    Two courses offer students Introductory and Intermediate levels of iPainting. Both courses are based on the perceptual understanding of theory and the development of practical skills.


    • Defining iPainting using examples of different styles, including David Hockney, offers instant differentiation between the iPad and traditional canvas as mediums for creative expression.
    • With an introduction to iPad’s hand-drawing Apps, tools and features, students will quickly see the available options for different techniques in iPainting, be it still life, portrait or landscape genre.
    • Exploring the concepts of line and stain, light and shadow, basic geometrical shapes, with the techniques of 3D painting will bring students to the first level of Intermediary mastery of iPainting.
    • Introduction to the social media sharing platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr will unveil the opportunities of quick access to audiences and fans of iPainting.



    • Introduction of 3D shapes as the base of any object. Perspective of multiple 3D shapes using single and multiple layers.
    • Introduction of colour in iPainting. Concept of complimentary colours.
    • Glass objects and their depiction in iPainting.
    • Reflections and their use in iPainting.
    • Introduction to landscape iPainting.

    To be enrolled on the course or request more information please contact Nadja using the Contact menu.

  • Projects

    Musical iPainting

    In 2013, Nadja’s works have been noted by Artem Vassiliev, a young and prominent Russian contemporary composer. The first results of their unique collaboration can be viewed on Nadja’s YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/iPaintingPro

    31 Digits - The Beginning


    According to inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil the evolution of biological life and the evolution of technology have followed the same pattern. Both tend to delay in their development at the beginning, but gradually they accumulate and trigger the eruptions of progress at an increasingly furious pace. To discover this, the 31 Digits project was born on the 1st of May 2012, and progressed over 31 days. New images were uploaded on Nadja's Flickr and Facebook iPaintings, where the online audience could find out something new about the creative capacity of iPad every day.

    The 31 Digits is the first in the series of online projects by Nadja, introducing iPainting as a progressive form of art made on an iPad (or other hand-held mobile device) with a digital finger painting application. In this projects, Nadja uses the iPad as a visual diary, creating one image every day throughout the month of May. Being uploaded online at the end of each day, the iPaintings became instantly accessible to the online audience, thus creating an almost instant form of the online sharing.

    Click here to see the 31 Digits project on Flickr...

    Infinite Vi-T-a


    Recently, spontaneous collaboration between Nadja (image) and Jones Irwin (text) resulted in a short, but poignant piece of visual art form, entitled the Infinite Vi-T-a. Jones Irwin is a Lecturer in Philosophy at St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University. He has particular interests in Existentialism, Aesthetics and Political-Ethical Philosophy. He has published widely including the 2010 monograph Derrida and the Writing of the Body (Ashgate 2010, Surrey, UK). The music piece that was used is by Barry Adamson.

    Click here to see the Infinite Vi-T-a project on YouTube...

    Digital People


    On July 11th 2012, under the title ‘Engaging Digital Audiences in Museums’, professionals from museums throughout the UK gathered to discuss and share experiences to bring two different worlds together – museums and technology. The event took place in the University of Manchester, where Nadja used her iPad to capture the day in iPictures.

    Click here to view the Digital People project on Digital Learning Network Blog...

  • Events

    1 October 2013

    1 Day Digital Workshop at the Victoria & Albert Museum. 10.30 - 17.00 > Click here for more info...

    6 September 2013

    1 Day Digital Workshop at the Victoria & Albert Museum. 10.30 - 17.00 > Click here for more info...

    25 - 28 April 2013

    The Other Art Fair @ Ambika P3 in Marylebone, London - www.TheOtherArtFair.com

    27 April 2013

    Nadja is leading a One day Digital Workshop at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Start @ 10:30 am. Click here for more info...

    10 April 2013

    The Tablet Symposium at University of Sussex, Sussex. Nadja will be speaking about her "exciting and thought-provoking" paper 'Reinventing Painting: The Relationship Between Tradition and Technology in the Age of Mobile Devices'. Click here for more info...


    3 March - 31 March 2013

    Solo Exhibition 'Casual London' @ Art-Café Zoom, 22 Gorokhovaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia - www.CafeZoom.ru

    In partnership with re:Store (St. Petersburg) - the Premium Reseller of Apple products in Russia.

    Media distribution partner 2PR Agency (St. Petersburg).


    From 5 March 2013

    Group Exhibition of Londonist Underground images at Bishopsgate Institute, London.

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Welcome to my world!

Thank you for your visiting my website! My name is Nadja Ryzhakova and I am a professional iPad artist. Please take your time to explore my realm of iPaintings, and I hope you enjoy your stay…